Our Story

Farashe was established by a group of friends, Palestinian and expatriate, all working in Palestine and who wanted to contribute to Palestine in a more meaningful and impactful way. In coming up with the concept of Farashe, we strove to reignite a culture of volunteerism and community service, too create a grassroots entity not dependent on donors, and to provide opportunity for all–regardless of age, gender, size, physical condition, economic status, race, religion—to be healthy, happy, safe, and free.

The idea of Farashe became reality when Bridge Development Group, a Palestinian real estate development company, donated a space in the heart of Ramallah, to serve as our yoga center.  Farashe opened its doors to the public 6 months later on November 6, 2010.

Throughout our existence, we have relied and continue to rely on the generosity of volunteers and individual and institutional donors from within Palestine and from abroad to maintain and grow our activities.

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