Community Outreach

Farashe Yoga in committed ensuring that yoga and its benefit are accessible to all throughout Palestine.

Teacher Training.  Farashe Yoga, through its partnerships with Anahata Grace and individual yoga teacher trainers, has providing foundational yoga teacher training to about 40 Palestinian women and men from 9 cities and villages in Palestine. Of those trained, 15 are currently actively teaching in their communities, while the others continue to receive yoga education.

Graduates of Farashe Yoga's Men Teacher Training 2014

Graduates of Farashe Yoga’s Men Teacher Training 2014

Outreach Classes: Farashe Yoga’s network of teachers are reaching communities throughout the West Bank, bringing yoga and meditation to the communities in which they live and work. They are teaching in schools, hospitals, health clinics, refugee camps, community centers, gyms, and homes. They are teaching a wide range of women and men, including children, highschool students, elderly, cancer survivors, diabetes patients, pregnant women, school teachers, administrators, and other professionals.

Looking for yoga in Jerusalem, Nablus, Ramallah, Ni’lin, Bethlehem and surrounding villages? Contact us to be put in touch with our network of teachers working in these locations!

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